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20% off installation

When you buy your parts here

Welcome to Union Street Guitar Works

Located in the heart of Historic Occoquan

Union Street Guitar Works!

Open for Business at 205-C Union Street

Where attention is provided to Services and Satisfaction

Justin hard at work

Union Street Guitar Works

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Using a Erlewine Neck Jig

All fretwork is performed using the Erlewine neck jig. The main benefit of the neck jig is that you can perform fret work on the guitar while simulating string tension, for the most accurate fretting and fingerboard leveling possible!

Bridge Removal

Using a heat blanket to soften the glue for bridge removal


A brand new custom made ukulele ready for its proud owner

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get in touch

205-C Union Street
PO Box 597
Occoquan, VA 22125

No appointment necessary.

Phone: (703) 731-9785


For the most up to date info on shop hours and closings please check my Google listing.

Hours are:  
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 12:00PM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Our Services

Newest Services


Adjust truss rod, file nut slots, set bridge height & saddle radius, balance & adjust tremolo, set pickup heights & balance, intonate, tighten tuners & hardware, clean & oil fretboard and polish frets, restring, detail & clean. (Instruments that are exceptionally dirty or have rusty/seized hardware will incur an additional expense). All setups are guaranteed from within 14 days of pickup. 

  • Electric (Tune-o-matic Bridge, Gibson/Epiphone/etc.)


  • Electric (Fender Style Bridge – 3 or 6 saddles) Add $15 for instruments with truss rod adjustment at the heel


  • Electric (Floyd Rose Bridge)


  • Electric (12 String)


  • Acoustic (6 String)


  • Acoustic (12 String)


  • Bass (Add $5 for each additional string)


  • Rickenbacker Bass
  • Banjo (4/5 string)


  • Ukulele/Dulcimer


  • Mandolin


  • Violin

Call for Pricing

Setup Services (Discounts apply when combining services)

  • Restring Electric/Acoustic (6/12 String)


  • Restring Floyd Rose – 6 String


  • Restring Classical/Nylon


  • Truss Rod Adjustment


  • Truss Rod Adjustment at Heel (Vintage Fender)
  • Intonate (Electric 6/12 String)
  • Intonate (Floyd Rose 6 String)
  • Polish Frets & Oil Fretboard (Requires Restring)
  • Pickup Adjustment & Balance


  • Shim bolt-on-neck (requires setup) Standard/Custom

More Services (Discounts apply when combining services

  • Tuner Install – Direct Fit - 6 string (Requires Restring)


  • Tuner Install – Custom Fit

(By estimate)

  • Buff out scratches

(By estimate)

  • Block Strat style tremolo


  • Ream bridge pin holes


  • Route Pickup Cavity on disassembled body


  • Install Strap Button


  • Strap Button Repair (drill, plug and redrill)


  • Align bolt on neck and drill holes


  • Replace Strat style pickguard


  • Replace Tele Style Pickguard (pickup attached)


  • Remove and reglue Acoustic Pickguard



Cost of bone material included. Synthetic nut is additional charge. May require truss rod adjustment. New strings recommended. Add $20 for nuts with lacquered edges. Add $120 if re-lacquer is requested

  • Standard Size Bone or Synthetic Nut (6/12 String)


  • Custom Size Bone Nut

(By estimate)

  • Shim Floyd Rose Nut


  • Install Zero Fret Nut


  • Fill and File Nut Slots
$10 per slot


Cost of bone material included. Synthetic saddle is additional charge. May require new strings, truss rod & nut slot adjustment 

  • Standard Size Bone or Synthetic Saddle (6/12 String)


  • Custom Size Bone Saddle

(By estimate)

  • Shim or Sand Saddle (May require nut slot adjustment)


  • Notch saddles on Tune-O-Matic Bridge to match neck radius



  • Basic Electronic Diagnostic


  • Tele Bridge Pickup/Neck Pickup/Both


  • Strat Pickups (Add $5 for each additional Pickup)


  • Les Paul Pickups (Add $15 for each additional Pickup)


  • Install EMG/Active Pickups (With pots, jack & battery)


  • Semi/Hollowbody Pickups

Starts at $100

  • Install K&K Pickup

Starts at $60

  • Install Under Saddle Pickup

Starts at $80

  • Replace Switch

$30 - $60

  • Replace Volume Pot on Les Paul/Strat


  • Replace Tone Pot on Les Paul/Strat


  • Replace Output Jack

Starts at $20

  • Clean Volume/Tone Pots
Starts at $15
  • Electrical Shielding Paint (Paint pickup and control cavities and shield back of pickguard/control plates
  • Tighten Loose Jack on Acoustic (6/12 String)


All fretwork is performed using the Erlewine neck jig.

The Neck Jig allows fret work to be performed on the guitar while simulating string tension, for the most accurate fretting and fingerboard leveling possible!

Full Fret Level (Level, crown, and polish)

  • Unfinished fretboard


  • Finished fretboard


Full Re-fret.  Setup is additional cost. Set neck and Acoustic

 guitars may incur an additional cost

  • Unbound Unfinished Fretboard
  • Bound Unfinished Fretboard
  • Unbound Finished Fretboard, Bound Finished Fretboard and Fender pre 1980’s necks
(By estimate)

Partial Re-frets will incur a $80 leveling fee which include a full leveling, crown and

polish. Setup is additional cost. May require new nut  
  • Unbound Unfinished Fretboard
  • Bound Unfinished Fretboard
  • Finished Fretboards
(By estimate)
  • File Sharp fret ends ($30 w/setup. New strings required)
  • Reseat and Glue lifting frets


  • Re-glue/Replace Bridge – Martin/Gibson/Taylor Style (Additional cost if pickup is present)


  • Re-glue/Replace Bridge – Poly Finish


  • Re-glue/Replace Classical Bridge


  • Replace Bridge Pad


Cracks and Braces

  • Glue Cracked Headstock (Partially attached, includes setup)


  • Glue Cracked Headstock (Fully separated, includes setup)


  • Sand and Re-finish Cracked Headstock

(By estimate)

  • Crack Repair up to 3” w/cleat


  • Crack repair up to 7” w/cleats


  • Cracks over 7” w/cleats

By estimate

  • Reglue loose brace

By estimate

Neck Resets

  • Taylor NT Neck


  • Martin


  • Gibson and Guild


  • Other Makes

By estimate

Paint Touch Ups

By estimate

*All repairs with the exception of setups are guaranteed for 6 months after completion date.
*Any procedure that does not appear on this list will be billed at the rate of $100/hour. *Above prices do not include parts or strings unless otherwise noted.
*All prices are subject to change after inspection.


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